Darzah - A Bag With a Story

Darzah - A Bag With a Story

By: Aseel Sinokrot

The seasons changes, but values stay the same.

The name “Darzah” translated form Arabic means a stitch. A simple word in the eyes of the reader, but to me it represents my culture and my traditions. It represents Palestinian heritage.


Darker colors dominated my closet throughout the cold winter. So, I turned this around by wearing a bold and bright fashion statement that allowed me to stand out from the crowd. I decided to carry my culture and heritage around the streets of London.

Truth to be told, this bag is not just a wearable piece of art. For me, it means much more than that… Look close between the stitches of this master-piece because there is a story about a phenomenal culture. The resilient women who sewed and stitched it have always dreamed of traveling. Now, their art has made its way around the world.

I hear Amal’s words every time I wear my bag, “I might not be able to leave my home, but I know a piece of me has seen the world.”

I carry a message of hope between my arms wherever I go. I wear “Darzah” because I am eager to raise Amal’s voice and tell her story. Through art and traditional patterns, Amal wants to send a message about love, peace, culture and the longing to feel alive.

This adds more colours and dimensions to Darzah.  And I promise to live by this message, and display the beauty and strength of Palestinian women.