Handmade Embroidery Scarf (Amal - Hope)

Handmade Embroidery Scarf (Amal - Hope)

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Perks of owning this scarf:

  • You will empower low-income women who are artistic and motivated
  • You will have a luxurious one of a kind cross stitched scarf that will last a life-time
  • You will wear a fashionable piece of art 
  • You will be proud to wear this beautiful scarf that holds a meaningful story between its silky stitches 

Amal's Story

Amal means hope in Arabic. This luxurious piece stitched with love brings hope to the women who live in Turmus Aya. They have directly stitched the design on the fabric, which takes a high level of skill, accuracy and concentration

They talk about the art of the cross stitch under the holly olive trees while they drink their mint tea. This timeless art has been passed by the older generations, and they want you to keep it alive.

Handmade cross stitch art, from the most luxurious DMC silk from France.


Length: 170 cm 

Width: 44 cm