Handmade Embroidery Laptop Bag (Darza)

Handmade Embroidery Laptop Bag (Darza)

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Perks of owning this bag:

  • You will empower low-income women who are artistic and motivated
  • You will have a unique cross stitched bag that will last a life-time
  • You will be able to secure your valuables inside the the zipper and 2 handmade pouches, and cover it with art
  • You will enjoy it's adjustable shoulder strap

Darza's Story

Carefully sawn and handmade with love, Darza exists thanks to passionate and artistic Palestinian women. 

They use Chamois leather to hand make every single aspect of Darza. Then they use the most luxurious DMC silk from France to cross stitch this beautiful Palestinian traditional pattern.

It takes a week to complete this luxurious master-piece

Rehab, Samira and Amal live in Gaza. They want to connect with you by sending their peaceful message through art. They create luxurious hand-made bags and sell to support their families.

They ask you to take this bag around the world, since they have always dreamt of traveling.


Height: 35 cm

Width: 42 cm

Adjustable Strap: 65 cm